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Create and distribute rewards to generate leads. All in one platform for reward creation and distribution.

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We take care of your reward ecosystem so that you don't have to worry about
Brand Collaboration
Reward Creation
Reward Distribution
Brand Collaboration

Reach across geographies and demographics

Distribute your rewards across our channel of merchant partners to reach a wider audience across geographies and demographics.

  • Range of stores
  • Various forms of rewards accepted
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Create Rewards on the Cloud

Create how your reward will look like when distributed. Control how your rewards will be used and redeemed.

  • Design your reward
  • Control over reward redemption conditions
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Incentivize Desired Actions

Gamify your rewards to enable multi-step actions for reward redemption.

  • Gamification of reward redemption
  • Increase social sharing
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Are you a Shopify user?

Use our Shopify plugins to integrate into the OfferXP ecosystem in a breeze.

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Analyze your sales and marketing leads

Supercharge your sales and marketing efforts by leveraging insights provided by OfferXP. Understand how your rewards are incentivizing them to take desired actions.

Rewards Tracking

Track reward distribution, usage and your ROI.

Conversion Metrics

Understand how rewards are helping your business convert better and retain loyal customers.

Leads Generated

Analyze how rewards are incentivizing users to perform desired actions and get right into your funnel.

High Data Security

Highest security standards are maintained to ensure your data never falls into the wrong hands.

Premium Quality Performance

OfferXP takes care of all the problems that comes with maintaining your reward strategy so that you are focused on what matters.

Service Account Manager

Each partner gets a dedicated account manager to help you accomplish your goals.

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